Saturday, September 27, 2008

Insert *SIGH* here

I'm in Chicago this week for work and anytime I'm in a big city I end up wandering around and looking at shit and eating stuff and buying things. Chicago is a cool city I have to say. I'm hoping they send me back here sometime soon.

lately i've been thinking so much about the state of my romantic affairs and the direction my future is going, and i've realized that action is necessary but I dont know what kind. nor do I feel like I have the strength it will take to do it. I go round and round with myself about this and today I had a small moment of clarity about it. I realized as I was sweating buckets in the windy city that I have to take small steps and just enjoy the moments that feel RIGHT until those moments outweight the wrong ones. I just have to trust that the time that action needs to come, will present itself but not until I'm ready.